Financing Resources

Financing Your VertaCat

We understand that financing adaptive vehicles such as the VertaCat can be a significant investment. Our commitment is to guide potential VertaCat owners like you toward the resources they need to make their lifestyle and mobility dreams happen. Below are some avenues to explore for securing the financial support you need.

Partner With Non-Profits

You’ll discover that there are several non-profit organizations with a dedicated focus on offering financial support for adaptive technology and sports equipment. These non-profits exist to support individuals with diverse abilities to pursue their passions as independently as possible. We encourage you to explore which might work for you:

For Military Veterans

Know of an organization or grant that isn’t listed above? Please share it with us at

Crowdsource Your Dream

Raising the funds to purchase a VertaCat can be achieved through community support and fundraising. Here are some ways that have worked for other VertaCat users:

  • Engage Your Own Community

    Friends, family, members of your church or synagogue, and colleagues are often more than willing to support loved ones and their dreams. Explain to your network why the VertaCat is a game-changer and consider holding a fundraising event.

  • Connect With Fellow Enthusiasts

    Consider reaching out to the broader golfing or outdoors community, whether it’s online or in person. You may find support from individuals who admire your dedication. You’ll find many fundraising and support opportunities in the military veterans community as well.

  • Find Local Funding Sources

    In addition to adaptive technology grants and networking, many local communities offer charitable funding to area groups and individuals. Investigate your area for foundations such as United Way, relevant government sectors like Parks and Recreation, your local business and community foundations. If they are unable to assist in the purchase of a VertaCat for you individually, they might still be interested in investing in the VertaCat for the benefit of the entire community.

  • Start a GoFundMe Campaign

    Creating a GoFundMe campaign is a dynamic way to rally support for purchasing your VertaCat. GoFundMe enables you to craft a compelling narrative, share your purpose and objectives, and reach a broad audience of donors. To kickstart a campaign, visit GoFundMe and establish a campaign that supports your life circumstances.