The Stand-On-Command, All-Terrain Mobility Rider

Clip them, flip them, never forget them!

Max Togisala's 2023 USGA Open Victory

Join us in congratulating Max Togisala on his victory in the Seated Impairment category at the 2023 USGA Adaptive Open. Your achievement is truly inspirational and we are thrilled to celebrate this moment with you.

Introducing VertaCat

The all-terrain mobility rider that elevates you into a standing position.

Developed by a paraplegic athlete, VertaCat is loaded with state-of-the-art performance and safety features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stand and play the VertaCat way!

Electric “Friction-Free” Stand-Up Assist

Exclusive design eliminates slippage, skin friction as you raise up or lower down.

Pivot-In-Place Micro-Adjust Positioning

Easily fine-tune your position with “zero turn” joystick

All-Terrain Agility

VertaCat takes you where you need to go, on hills into the sand or through the woods

“Golf-Green Safe” turf-friendly tires

Oversized, lightly treaded tires won't harm greens

Dual Commercial-Grade Electric Motors

VertaCat is powered by two high-torque, commercial-grade electric motors that are built to last and allow you to keep up with golf carts

Exclusive “Cat Smart” Safety Features

VertaCat safety features include anti-jerk acceleration/deceleration, turn speed modulation and hill-steepness warnings

Designed for playability

Playability features include on-the-ground positioning, armrests that fold out of the way and easy-to-reach storage for your clubs, balls, tees and water.

One-size-fits-all design

VertaCat is adjustable to fit for adults and kids alike.

Also at home on the 19th hole

VertaCat goes everywhere you want to go, including onto the practice green or the 19th hole patio

Easy loading/unloading into minivan or SUV

VertaCat easily fits into the back of a standard minivan or SUV meaning no need for a specialized vehicle for transportation

Reserve Your VertaCat Today: Transform Your Outdoor Experience

Join the VertaCat family today! Complete the form below to reserve your Stand-On-Command All-Terrain Mobility Rider and open a new world of adventure. Stand tall, roam freely, and elevate your outdoor play with VertaCat. Don't wait - your journey awaits!

Hear from Our Happy Golfers

Our golfers share their experiences with VertaCat, highlighting the life-changing mobility and game-enhancing possibilities it offers.

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